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About Us


At Mariposa Recovery Services, we believe that chemical and alcohol dependence is a serious disease and that abstinence from alcohol and drugs is just the beginning. Healthy and continuous sobriety requires real change and a transformation in attitude and outlook on life. We care for and nurture our residents as they develop the necessary skills to build a rich, full and balanced sober life. We help them find the courage to change those beliefs and behaviors that no longer fit the person they want to be. We believe that lasting, emotional sobriety cannot be achieved alone. With Mariposa Recovery Services, you will find a family of individuals committed to a “we” program of recovery and who work together to create a treatment plan and sober living environment conducive to growth, support and accountability. We encourage our alumni to return to celebrate sobriety milestones and to support residents new in their sober journeys.

Our Team

Justin Hosp

Executive Director / Owner

I was born in Atlanta, GA and was the youngest of two children. Because of my love of Live Music and the Arts, I chose a career in film and television production and concert production for several nationally touring bands. I had a very successful career but as the years went on, so did my blossoming addiction to drugs and alcohol. My alcoholism and drug addiction took complete control of me and almost cost me my life on several occasions as well as my career. Knowing something had to change drastically, I moved back to Atlanta and devoted my life to my recovery- staying sober and helping other alcoholics and drug addicts. This devotion to helping others landed me in Atlanta working at Mariposa Enrichment Program in 2012. I have been with Mariposa since then and in that time I have worked as hard as I can to truly make a difference in the people’s lives that are still sick and suffering. Today I enjoy my life and my career more than I ever could have imagined. I have a very strong connection with my family, stronger than ever before as well as I am a devoted husband and father. I work with a competent sponsor and work a practical program of action. My mantra is “Trust God, Clean House, Help Others.” Today, I have a life. I’m not a slave to my addiction anymore and I understand that if I remain teachable, Trust in my Higher Power and display ‘Love & Tolerance’ towards all, all things are possible. Through all my struggles, I still love doing the things that I enjoy most, being outdoors with my family and seeing live music whenever I can, especially the band PHISH.


Suzette Hosp

Executive Director / Owner

On March 17th,2009, I was Reborn. Hello, my name is Suzie Jacobson. That name meant nothing to me because of all the pain it caused those whom I loved and loved me. As I struggled through the adversity of the disease of addiction, I found that I knew nothing about who I was but I quickly learned that as an addict I had three choices in life: jails, death, and institutions. Addiction is also a disease of perception so the adversity that I thought made me the victim was in fact teaching my life lessons. When I stopped “living in the problem” and began “living in the solution,” I found someone and that someone was the woman I always dreamt to be. I spent a year in treatment and woke up every day grateful to be there, grateful to be alive, grateful to work the 12 steps, grateful to go to meetings, and grateful to carry the message of AA. That is who I am today. Today, I am a woman who seeks to maintain and continually grow spiritually. A woman who leads her life through faith and integrity. A woman who would go to any length to help those with the willingness to get sober. In September 2011, I opened Mariposa Enrichment Program that was designed to help men and women recover from addiction and alcoholism. I will humbly allow Mariposa to speak for itself for it belongs only to God. Mariposa has grown into something more than any of us had ever envisioned. In 2020, Mariposa Recovery Services was created to broaden the services so we could offer more to the clients and community in which we serve. I studied Biology at Jacksonville State University in 1990. I am humbled and grateful to say that I am a CADCT.